Resilient Redesign II Workshop

Davie, Florida 

July 19-22, 2015


The Southeast Florida Resilient Redesign began July 2014, when the Southeast Florida Climate Change Compact (the Compact) collaborated with the Dutch Consulate in Miami to work with local practitioners and stakeholders and experts from the Netherlands to propose resilient design strategies which could serve as models of resilience for communities throughout the south Florida region.  The emphasis being on the integration of design solutions into future development and redevelopment projects, and in advance of a major climate disruption.  This partnership resulted in South Florida Resilient Redesign.

Resilient Redesign was held on July 19-22, 2015. The Compact partnered this year with the Florida Climate Institute, with the specific engagement of Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University and the University of Miami. The experts and stakeholders developed potential design solutions to the evolving urban challenges of climate change and natural hazards.

Teams of experts including architects, landscape architects, engineers, developers, urban designers, as well as experts in hazard preparedness, water management/hydrology/geology, spatial planning, policy, transportation, historic preservation, park management and communications were brought together to design solutions.

Sites chosen for 2015 were locations in Key West in Monroe County, the City of Hollywood in Broward County, and Delray Beach in Palm Beach County.  In summary, on July 19, the teams provided a local site visit, then on July 20 and 21, the teams came together to undertake the creative process in developing site specific resilient design solutions at the FAU Davie Campus.  The public presentations were held on the morning of July 22 at the FAU Davie Campus. 
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