The Energy from the Oceans: The New Renewable


Flowing along Florida’s southeast coastline, the Gulfstream Current has the potential to provide an unlimited source of renewable energy. Working with state and national scientists and engineers, FAU’s Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC) has been testing and conducting research on sustainable methods to harness this energy.

Working with SNMREC, CES developed The Energy from the Oceans: The New Renewable, a interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum that integrates science, engineering, math and technology into an exciting curriculum for high school students.

Unfortunately, the funding for this program has ended. However, if you are interested in sponsoring a workshop at your school, please contact Alana Edwards at 561-799-8462. If you are interested in receiving free Ocean Energy educational materials on CD, please contact SNMREC.

 Last Modified 11/8/16