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Student Field Studies

Exploring the Kissimmee River

Invertebrae ID

Our Student Field Studies Program targets secondary and post-secondary students to help enhance their educational experience by conducting STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities on the Kissimmee River.  Students are immersed the river to learn restoration ecology using the Kissimmee River and Restoration as a living lab. Students learn how to test water quality, sample and identify aquatic invertebrates, and identify native and non-native wetland plants.  Students also conduct diversity and abundance bird surveys to document the wetland bird species that have returned to the restored Kissimmee River.

Students on Sandbar

Austin Dip Net These fee-based workshops are available to school groups of up to 20 (18 students and 2 teachers) as either one-day workshops or overnight experiences. Every trip is unique and can be customized to fit the interests and educational objectives of your class. The restored river is a beautiful and dynamic habitat that now abounds with alligators, game fish and wading birds including wood storks and limpkins that students may encounter as they explore the Kissimmee River!

This spring, Palm Beach Atlantic University students  Explored the Kissimmee River  at Riverwoods. The students are enrolled in the “Natural History of the Everglades” class taught by Dr. Tom Chesnes. He has been bringing his PBA classes to Riverwoods for about 5 years. Students conducted diversity and abundance bird surveys, identified wetland plants  and collected water quality samples. Check out this cool video of the students in action:  http://www.pba.edu/kissimmee-river-field-trip

To schedule a Student Field Studies workshop please contact Riverwoods Director, Loisa Kerwin at lkerwin@fau.edu or (863) 462-0025.

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