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Teachers (Public, Private, Pre-service, Informal, etc) are now able to take  The Great Water Odyssey  ONLINE for FREE! In this training you will learn how to use this exciting educational program with your students. The online portion of the training takes ~2-3 hours in which you will watch several videos and complete an exploration assignment. Then you will take what you’ve learned in the training and implement a GWO lesson with your students. Your training is complete when you submit your lesson plan and complete a survey about your training experience. Upon completion of the training we will work with you to make sure that you obtain in-service credits from your county.

We work with each county to make sure that you obtain in-service credit.

If you live in the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) you are eligible to take this training! Check out the SFWMD’s educational programs at:


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The Great Water Odyssey!

The Great Water Odyssey is an exciting, interactive program designed specifically to reach 3rd, 4th and 5thWelcome to Olliewood! grade students to teach them about the importance of Florida’s water resources. The computer-based inter-disciplinary lesson follows water drops Hydro and Agua on their adventures through the town of Olliewood. On their voyage, they change state, and float through Florida’s wetlands, rivers and aquifers.

AguaThe water drops recall Florida’s past and even help residents plan a sustainable future through water conservation and waterwise landscaping. Each animated learning module is followed by an interactive exploration screen, where students learn content and vocabulary to earn points that reinforce the lesson. The student is then quizzed on what they’ve learned. Once the activities are completed, the students are rewarded in the arcade where they can play a variety of educational games. For more information on The Great Water Odyssey visit

What are teachers saying?

  • “I loved being able to do this training at home at my own pace”
  • “The course was very informative and educational. It implements different strategies that will engage all different types of learning styles.”
  • “I was excited after watching the videos and doing the exploration. I think the students will find this stimulating and will want to keep exploring just to see how much more they can learn!”

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