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Welcome to Riverwoods

Kissimmee River MapLocated in the heart of the Kissimmee River Basin,   the Riverwoods Field Laboratory (Riverwoods) provides a home and support for extensive research and educational activities related to the restoration of the Kissimmee River. The overall goal of the Kissimmee River Restoration (KRR) Project is to reestablish the ecological integrity of the riverine ecosystem.  The restoration includes backfilling over 20 miles of the C-38 canal that was created for flood protection in the 1960’s, removing the 2 water control structures in the restoration area, and restoring flow to the historic river.  Restoration will reflood tens of thousands of acres of wetlands lost due to channelization of the river. With that physical restoration comes a greatly expanded habitat for many bird, fish and other wildlife species.

Riverwoods, established in 1995 and managed by Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies (CES) in partnership with the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), hosts research scientists, students, and technicians from all over the state, the nation, as well as international countries.  Organizations include universities, K-12 school districts, water management districts, environmental and non-profit agencies interested in learning or conducting research on the KRR.

As a result of this collaboration, the Kissimmee River serves as a living laboratory and model for river restoration on a global scale. Lessons learned here in the one of the world’s largest restoration efforts ever attempted underscore professional research activities while a comprehensive environmental education and research program targets secondary and post-secondary students, educators, university faculty, scientists, and environmental professionals.

Kissimmee River Restoration’s Construction Is Completed!

The Kissimmee River Restoration’s construction projects are finally completed, and we hosted a huge KRR Ribbon Cutting Ceremony here in July – please check out our ~1 minute summary video: Highlights from the Kissimmee River Restoration Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - July 29,2021 - YouTube

Or view the full 43 min ceremonial video: Kissimmee River Restoration Project Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony - YouTube

Kissimmee River Restoration: Then and Now NEW

Check out our new 12 minute video that provides an overview of the Kissimmee River’s rich history - the flooding, channelization, and ultimately, restoration. The video summarizes the research and engineering involved in completing the Kissimmee River Restoration project, the largest river restoration in the world.

  Scientists conducting fish studies   Sandbar on the Restored Kissimmee River Snail Kites return to the Kissimmee River
 Scientists conducting fish studies
to determine health and abundance
 Sandbar on the restored Kissimmee River  Snail Kites return to the restored
Kissimmee River. Learn more!
  Eco-tour guests take pics of snail kites   Upward Bound students
 Eco-tour guests take pics of snail kites  FAU's Upward Bound students
dip netting for aquatic invertebrates


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