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Student Field Studies

Exploring the Kissimmee River

Secondary and post-secondary students are the target audience of our Student Field Studies Program. Students Explore the Kissimmee River at Riverwoods and participate in activities that enhance STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts but provide a unique experience unlikely paralleled anywhere else. 

The Kissimmee River serves as a living laboratory where students learn how to test water quality, dip net and identify aquatic invertebrates, and identify native and non-native wetland plants and animals. Literally immersed in the river restoration ecology, students also conduct diversity and abundance bird surveys to document the wetland bird species that have returned to the restored Kissimmee River. One student’s reflections: “I enjoyed looking for different birds, alligators and turtles because it made me really look and analyze the environment in front of me.”

Fee-based workshops, single day or overnight, are available to school groups of up to 17 (15 students and 2 teachers). Our professional staff works with you to customize an adventure that not only fits the educational objectives of your class, but has a history of influencing young scientists to pursue a lifelong interest in the natural world. Another student states, "I liked what our guide said; no matter what career we want to go into, we must always be advocates for our ecological environment."

The restored river is a beautiful and dynamic habitat that now abounds with alligators, game fish and wading birds including wood storks, limpkins, snail kites and great blue herons that students will likely encounter as they explore the Kissimmee River!

To schedule a Student Field Studies workshop please contact Riverwoods Manager, Amber Moore at ambermoore@fau.edu  or (863) 462-0025.

 FAU Ecology Students  Students dipnetting  Students doing invert ID  Students with Binoculars

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