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Adult Programs at Riverwoods
Friends of Boca Grande enjoy exploring the Kissimmee
Photo of Florida Native Plant Society, finding native plants on the restored river

Eco-tours for Adults - Exploring the Kissimmee River

Since 1998, CES has been offering Explore the Kissimmee River Eco-tour field trips for adults. We host interested residents, visitors, and environmental professionals from all over the state, country and world. So, pack your lunch, wear cool and comfortable field clothes, and sneakers/sandals that can get wet – we will get off the boat at a restored sandbar. Don’t forget your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen!
  • Take the Kissimmee Explorer II tour to experience, firsthand, the successful and beautiful restoration of the river
  • Spend a day that includes an introduction at our Visitors Center
  • Cruise the river on a 3 hour interpretive tour of the old river, the channelized C-38 canal and into the restored Kissimmee River
  • Participate in Citizen Science “diversity and abundance” bird surveys
  • Learn about the rich agricultural history of Florida’s Heartland
  • Get the “big picture” of the importance of the Kissimmee River Restoration to the Greater Everglades watershed

Our fee-based program has a maximum of 17 and minimum of 14 guests in order to comply with our US Coast Guard Certification. The rate is $25 per person.

Art in Nature 

Participants practice poses on restored sandbarWe offer specialized Art in Nature Workshops such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Nature Photography. If you are interested in leading an Art in Nature Workshop or scheduling your group (Professional, Home Owners or Church) for our Explore the Kissimmee River Eco-tour, please contact Loisa Kerwin at lkerwin@fau.edu

Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP)

We are no longer teaching the Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) on our own. We are now assisting Highlands County Extension/IFAS when they deliver the FMN Program. Contact Taylor Davis at 863-402-6540 or tpohl@ufl.edu

The FMNP Coordinator at UF is Shelly Johnson at 352-294-0757 or shelly.johnson@ufl.edu

Check out the FMN program online at www.MasterNaturalist.org

 Last Modified 4/3/23