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Friends of Riverwoods

Support Environmental Education & Research Programs at Riverwoods

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Friend of Riverwoods to support our education and research programs that teach Florida’s students the importance of environmental stewardship and conservation.  We offer field-based programs for elementary, secondary and university students from all over. Our Student Field Studies Program allows students to explore the river on board our Kissimmee Explorer II pontoon boat.  Students learn about the river restoration, and conduct hands-on data collection on water quality, and identification of wetland birds, plants and aquatic invertebrates. Support for Student Field Studies is always needed to cover travel costs for classes to come to Riverwoods!

To complement the comprehensive research and monitoring conducted by our scientists, our Student Research Program supports college students that are interested in the Kissimmee River Restoration.  Support for undergraduate or graduate students that are interested in conducting research on the restoration could include class scholarships, or funds for travel, field supplies or books.

    Highschool students in front of boat
  Highschool students in front of boat

We need help from our Friends in order to grow! We feel that personal exploration of Florida’s natural ecosystems, flora and fauna helps increase students awareness and, hopefully, responsibility towards our environment. Suggestions for sponsorship include:

          ✔  $100 – Printing of Educational Resources
  ✔   $200 - Student Field Studies – Okeechobee student bussing to Riverwoods
  ✔   $300 - Student Research Expenses – travel, books, equipment
  ✔   $400 - Student Field Studies Workshop – for underserved students from Okeechobee, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward or Dade Counties
  ✔   $500 - Overnight Student Field Studies for underserved students from Okeechobee, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward or Dade Counties
  ✔   $1000 - Scholarship for graduate student classes
  ✔   Any amount is welcome for General Support

We welcome your support for our projects that are most meaningful to you!  Please consider becoming a Friend of Riverwoods to help support field and research experiences for our students. We work with many underserved schools that could not afford the Field Studies Program without your support.

Your tax deductible donation to the Friends of Riverwoods will help make a lasting environmental difference through our FAU Foundation.

Your sponsorship can be made by credit card via this secure website:  https://fauf.fau.edu/riverwoods

Or your donations can be made by check (payable to FAU Foundation, Inc.) and mailed to:

Loisa Kerwin, Riverwoods’ Director, 100 Riverwood Circle, Lorida, FL. 33857

Please use the Comments section of the Foundation website OR on your check memo to indicate how your gift will be used:
  • Sponsorship for one of the specific projects listed above
  • General Support – to be used where it is needed most
    Highschool students with turtle
  Highschool students with turtle

On behalf of CES team and students at Riverwoods, we appreciate your support!
Thank you!

 Last Modified 4/3/23