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Kissimmee River Restoration Lesson Plans

The educational materials can be accessed by completing the Kissimmee River Educational Materials Request Form. Once you fill out the form, we will send you the password for the items below that are password-protected.

Prior to implementing these lessons, you may wish to administer the pre-test with your students:

Lesson 1 Dissolved Oxygen Levels in the Kissimmee River

Students will demonstrate understanding of what DO is, how it is used to indicate water quality, and how and what affect the DO has on the river ecosystem by appropriately working in groups to read and relate the data in a graph of authentic variables.

Lesson 2 Bird Populations along the Kissimmee River

Students will analyze two sets of bird data that illustrate how channelization and restoration have impacted bird populations along the Kissimmee River.

Lesson 3 Aquatic Invertebrates on the Kissimmee River

Students will be able to relate how human interactions can change the ecological health of a river ecosystem by demonstrating the importance of aquatic invertebrates as a critical part of the Kissimmee River food web. Studies will learn aquatic invertebrate identification techniques while comparing data from the channelized and restored sections of the river. Once their data is collected, they will graph their results and make conclusions about the importance of the restoration on the Kissimmee River food web.

 Last Modified 4/3/23