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Dr. Colin Polsky
3200 College Ave., Building DW 
Davie, FL 33314 
Phone: (954) 236-1334

Research Projects

Neighborhood Resilience Mapping

Internally Funded

Collaborator:  Heron Bridge Education, LLC

Coastal SEES Collaborative Research: Coastal sustainability-A cross-site comparison of salt marsh persistence in response to sea-level rise and feedbacks from social adaptations

Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Total Award: $377,776

CES Award: $148,571

Collaborators: Florida Atlantic University Center for Environmental Studies, Clark University, University of Georgia, University of Virginia, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory

Researchers: Alyssa Wood, Bridget Huston, Glen Oglesby, Hallee Meltzer, Jean-Marie Steckler-Buck, Ryan Amato, Vince Edwards

Funding Period: Fiscal Year 2015-2020

Florida Watershed Research Project

Sponsor: Florida Department of Emergency Management

Total Award: $1,688,955

CES Award: $109,133

Led by FAU’s Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Florida Climate Resilience Survey

Internally Funded

Collaborator: FAU’s Business & Economics Polling Initiative with Dr. Monica Escaleras and Dr. Eric Levy

Why Location Matters: How Smarter Decision-Making by Renters and Homebuyers Will Increase Coastal Resilience

Sponsor: National Academy of Sciences Gulf Research Program (NAS Gulf)

Award Contract Dates: 2019 - 2022

Total Award: $3,403,554

CES Award: $154,545

Salty Urbanism Adaptation: Using natural & nature-based features to enhance ecosystem services and quality of life in response to sea-level rise

Sponsor: FL Sea Grant

Total Award: $184,737

CES Award: $55,156

Eliciting and Modeling Residential Lawn and Landscape Practices: Systematic Information to Assess Knowledge, Explicate Behavior and Inform Management across the Long Island Sound Watershed

Sponsor: NY Sea Grant / LISS

Total Award: $370,619

CES Award: $23,999

CNH-L: Multi-scale coupled natural human system dynamics of nitrogen in residential landscapes

Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Total Award: $480,000

CES Award: $60,000

Collaborators: Florida Atlantic University Center for Environmental Studies, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center & Brooklyn College; U.S. Forest Service; Clark University; FAU; Cornell University; University of North Carolina; University of Rhode Island

First Street Foundation Flood Lab

Internally Funded

Business Case Analysis for the City of Miami Beach Stormwater Resiliency Program 

Sponsor: ICF

Total Award: $395,000

CES Award: $13,900

State of Florida Legislative Budget Request: Environmental Studies Everglades Restoration

Sponsor: State of Florida

Total Award: $250,000

CES Award: $50,000

Sea Level Rise: This Is What Developing Resiliency Looks Like

Sponsor: Florida Sea Grant

Total Award: $5,000

CES Award: $5,000

Solar Generator Project

Internally Funded


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