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Solar Generator Project



The Solar Generator Project aims to provide security to vulnerable communities and households during extreme weather events or other emergencies where usual electricity sources may be lost. Through comparisons of manufacturers, customer testimonials, and personal recommendations, CES researchers are compiling a solar supply kit that will allow users in varying situations to power their lives via the sun

Solar Generator Project Graphic


Project Overview:
Extreme weather events can compromise the electricity of a community for days or weeks at a time.
These outages can pose a threat to the health and safety of many vulnerable groups.
Solar generators can be a sustainable option for resilience in events.

By compiling a list of solar supplies, we hope to provide communities with a sense of security during emergency situations.

Why Solar?

  • Solar energy is a renewable resource and won’t be depleted.
  • State sales and use taxes have offered credits on solar products and systems for more than 25 years.
  • Solar is growing quickly. 30% of all new electricity in the US is generated through solar power as of 2019, compared to 4% in 2010.
  • More than 250,000 people in the US work in the solar industry.
  • Solar panels will produce on average over 90 times the energy that it took to manufacture them, all without emitting CO2.
  Supplies in Our Solar Kit:
  • AC200MAX Portable Power Station
  • B300 Battery Module
  • Bluetti Solar Panels
  • PV Charging Cable (XT90-MC4) 900W T500 500W Adapter
  • Multi-Functional Aviation Cable (XT90-Aviation)
  • Battery Expansion Cable
  • PV Input Cable 200W
    Quick Facts:
  • Can be assembled with 1-2 people
  • Since no fuel is needed to power solar generators, they can be used indoors
  • Solar generators operate quietly
  • Charging can be completed with electricity as well as solar panels
  • The AC200MAX Portable Power Station can be used while charging
Figure 1       Figure 2
Figure 1: CES Researchers with 2 Bluetti Solar Panels attached via PV and aviation cables to the AC200MAX within a tent setup outside the Davie West Building at FAU’s Broward Campus.   Figure 2: 2 Bluetti Solar Panels attached via PV and aviation cables to the AC200MAX on a cart at the Riverwoods Field Lab in Lorida, Florida.



CES does not endorse any specific brand of generator.  Please see the equipment comparison information for more information about other brands reviewed during the initial phases of this project in 2022, and reasoning for starting this research, education, and outreach project with the Bluetti generator. CES intends to test and use other generators as part of this ongoing project.




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