Florida Climate Resilience Survey - March 2022


March 2022 Survey
Sixth Wave of FAU's Florida Climate Resilience Poll


  • A little over two-thirds of Floridians believe climate change is a concern for future generations (70%), with about three-quarters of concerned persons within younger generations (age 49 and under at 75%).
  • Younger republicans lead the state in agreement that the Florida government is doing enough to address climate change (42%).
  • About half of all Floridians surveyed with CES’s Florida Climate Resilience Survey encourage more support for solar energy production from the Florida government, with this energy source being the most popular choice (54%) followed by support for natural gas energy production (15%).
  • Floridians, notably younger Floridians, continue to show support for climate change instruction in K-12 classrooms. Floridians ages 18-34 show the greatest support for teaching climate change in schools (81%), with those ages 50-64 showing the least support (58%).
  • Floridians’ beliefs that climate change is happening and human-caused has not displayed an increase since September 2021, slightly dropping to 58% in total agreement.
  • Most Floridians disagree that the government should be more involved in protecting them (40%).


The survey was conducted in English from March 8-20, 2022. The sample consisted of 1,400 Floridians, 18 years of age and older, with a margin of error of +/- 2.62 percent. The data was collected using an online panel provided by GreatBlue Research. Responses for the entire sample were weighted to adjust for age, race, income, education and gender according to recent U.S. Bureau of the Census data. It is important to remember that subsets carry with them higher margins of error, as the sample size is reduced. For more information, survey results, and full cross-tabulations, visit www.ces.fau.edu/ces-bepi/ or contact Colin Polsky, Ph.D., at cpolsky@fau.edu.

 Last Modified 4/3/23