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Hurricane Dorian and storm surgeFlorida’s climate strongly affects our prosperity.
Our warm temperatures and abundant rainfall strengthen
our tourism, agriculture, and other industries.
But our weather patterns also present Floridians with risks,
such as flooding and high winds.

CES is partnering with the Business and Economics Polling Initiative (BEPI) at FAU’s College of Business to conduct a quarterly Florida Climate Resilience Survey.  The main purpose of the survey is to gauge Floridians’ views on their preparedness and resilience to climate hazards.   

The first of these surveys will be implemented fall 2019 but we plan to administer it quarterly to gauge changes in participants’ attitudes and opinions over time.

View the results of the October 2019 survey. Check out our BEPI poster that was presented at the December 2019 11th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit.

 Last Modified 12/18/19