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Kissimmee River Research  

Conceptual diagram of the customized ESRI Geoportal webserverThe  Kissimmee River Restoration project is a cost-shared endeavor between the South Florida Water Management  District (SFWMD) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Since 1995, the SFWMD has partnered with CES to manage  Riverwoods Field Lab as a research and education center as well as provide support staff for the scientific evaluation program. The SFWMD responsibilities include conducting the biological monitoring and research, land acquisition and education related to the Kissimmee River Restoration. The scientists have developed a comprehensive evaluation plan to measure the success of the restoration project that will be in effect until 2018. An integral component to the restoration is the scientific evaluation of restoration success. The SFWMD’s Kissimmee scientists have established the Kissimmee River Restoration Evaluation Program that outlines 25 performance measures that are used to quantify the success of the project. Four of the restoration expectations are based on the recovery of macroinvertebrate communities in the restored Kissimmee River and floodplain.

SFWMD Research Studies

For information about some SFWMD’s Kissimmee River Restoration Research Studies: 

CES Supports Kissimmee River Research Studies

Fish surveys

In addition to the  education programs at Riverwoods CES provides scientific field support for all the SFWMD’s Environmental Research studies conducted as part of the Kissimmee River Restoration Evaluation Program. Amber Graham and Jessica Wilson are CES field team that provides support for all of these KRR research studies:


  • Avian Surveys
  • Wading Bird and Waterfowl Prey Availability
  • Food Web Stable Isotope study
  • Caracara Surveys

Fish Communities

  • Fish Microhabitat study
  • Annual Fish Shocking


airboat Herpetology

  • Herpetology Drift Fence study
  • Anuran Call Surveys


  • Invertebrate study
  • Bivalve study
  • Invertebrate Corbicula Sampling
  • Invertebrate Drift Sampling
  • River Channel Vegetation Surveys

Water Quality

  • Dissolved Oxygen C-38/Floodplain
  • Water Quality upper lakes

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