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Kissimmee River Restoration Updates

U.S. Rep. Soto visits the Kissimmee River

Rep. Soto Kayaks Kissimmee River Restoration from SFWMD on Vimeo. With the decades-long project to restore the historic Kissimmee River nearing completion, the South Florida Water Management District recently highlighted this success story for visiting U.S. Rep. Darren Soto.

Kissimmee River Restoration is still going strong!

Since 1999, there have been 3 construction phases that have been completed that backfilled 12 miles of the C-38 canal and restored continuous water flow to 24 miles of the historic meandering Kissimmee River. There are two more construction phases to be completed between now and 2019. Explosion

DitchThe 4th phase will begin in early 2016 and backfill the C-38 canal from US 98 highway bridge towards the south to the CSX railroad crossing. The final phase is scheduled to begin in the late spring of 2016. It will include removing the S-65C structure (dam, lock and boat ramp) and backfilling from US 98 northward to fill in the rest of the C-38 canal. All construction is scheduled to be complete by 2019. The completed project will backfill 22 miles of the C-38 canal and restore 43 miles of meandering river. Check out the Kissimmee River Restoration – Construction Map - for project details. 

Currently, the MacArthur ditch, located in the Phase I area, is being backfilled. The drainage ditch was constructed in the 1940’s by ranchers to drain their lands west of the river. The ditch runs along the western edge of the floodplain and is approximately 50-75 feet wide and 3 miles long.  The project will be completed in 2016 and move approx. 449,000 Cubic Yards spoil material (sediment) to fill it in. 

For more information about the SFWMD’s Kissimmee River Restoration construction progress check online: https://www.sfwmd.gov/our-work/kissimmee-river

Watch our website for updates on the upcoming S65-C Big Bang celebration!
Please stay tuned for more updates as the Kissimmee River Restoration nears completion in 2019!

 Last Modified 7/9/20