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11/15/2016 Supermoon-spiked king tide offers sneak preview of sea-level rise along East Coast
11/18/2016 Intensified by Climate Change, 'King Tides' Change Ways of Life in Florida
10/17/2016 Flooding looms in South Florida as tides rise and surpass predictions
10/17/2016 King Tides Are Leaving South Floridians Feeling All Wet
10/17/2016 Congressman Wades Through King Tide In Fort Lauderdale
10/17/2016 When the ocean rolls onto the roads, king tide sends a message
10/17/2016 The king tide is high, but South Florida is holding on
10/17/2016 King tide hits Delray Beach homeowners
10/17/2016 King Tides Causing Flood Of Trouble
02/01/2015 Climate Change Economics: Treading Water
03/16/2015 Rising seas bring heavy burden to Florida coastal economy. Can it adapt?
02/25/2015 Mysterious East Coast flooding was caused by 'unprecedented' surge in sea level
02/17/2015 New York City Could See Up To Six Feet Of Sea Level Rise This Century: Report
01/30/2015 In major shift, Obama administration will plan for rising seas in all federal projects
04/22/2015 Obama's Florida Visit Will Hopefully Bridge Local, State and National Climate Action
01/12/2015 Eco-friendly solution to rising seas in St. Petersburg? Fake islands
10/02/2014 South Florida lauded for sea-rise response
05/06/2014 National Climate Assessment Reveals How Climate Change Impacts Your Neighborhood
05/21/2014 How South Florida Is Ignoring The State's Leading Politicians And Taking On Climate Change
05/22/2014 National Landmarks at Risk (2014)
05/22/2014 Should we try to fight rising sea levels -- or abandon the coasts?
05/13/2014 Kristin Jacobs and Cindy Lerner:Time for Rick Scott to take climate change seriously
06/13/2014 Regional partners to focus on sea-level rise in Delaware
06/24/2014 On N.C.'s Outer Banks, scary climate-change predictions prompt a change of forecast
08/14/2014 Sea Level Rise: A Relentless Reality That Virginia Must Plan For Carefully
08/10/2014 Punta Gorda plans for future
04/21/2014 Sea-level rise of concern for Miami
03/19/2014 Flood-prone South Florida considers proactive investment against rising seas
03/12/2014 Florida Sen. Nelson Calls Sea-Level Rise, Climate Change 'Compelling Story,' Announces Hearing
02/11/2014 Sea level threat to force retreat of communities in Wales
02/10/2014 In Flood-Prone New Orleans, an Architect Makes Water His Ally
02/05/2014 Sea Level Rise Could Reduce The World Economy By 10 Percent This Century
01/30/2014 Summer Sea Levels Rising Fast Along Florida's Gulf Coast
01/24/2014 Palm Beach County considers climate-change measures
01/22/2014 Study: Higher tides from climate change likely to make hurricane flooding worse
01/13/2014 The Flood Next Time
01/7/2014 L.A. storms to grow more destructive as sea level rises, study says
12/11/2013 Sea Level & Risk of Flooding Rising Rapidly in Mid-Atlantic
11/26/2013 How high will sea levels rise? Let's ask the experts.
11/18/2013 Environment Watch: Rising seas threaten coastal lifestyle
11/14/2013 Fort Lauderdale Ahead Of The State When It Comes To Sea-Level Rise Protection
10/21/13 Rising Seas: A BURN special
09/08/13 Rising seas require changes to waterfront building rules
08/19/13 Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming
08/29/13 Rising Seas
08/24/2013 Where Sand Is Gold, the Reserves Are Running Dry
07/17/2013 The Costs of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Are Passing the High-Water Mark
07/14/2013 New Map Shows Where Nature Protects U.S. Coast
07/02/2013 9 Popular Cities Losing War with Rising Seas
07/02/2013 Florida Keys prepare for rising sea level
06/23/2013 Coastal Cities Prepare For The Rising Tide
06/20/2013 Goodbye, Miami
06/15/2013 You're going to get wet
06/12/2013 New York's Sea-Level Plan: Will It Play in Miami?
06/10/2013 In Ancient Ice, Clues That Scientists Are Underestimating Future Sea Levels
05/28/2013 Historic Sea-Level Change Along New Jersey Coastline Mapped
05/28/2013 San Francisco Bay Could Lose Marshes to Sea-Level Rise by 2100
05/14/2013 For Insurers, No Doubts on Climate Change
04/29/2013 Rising seas clearly evident along SC coast
04/22/2013 How Americans see global warming -- in 8 charts
04/09/2013 Rebuilding the Shores, Increasing the Risks

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