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The following news articles mention FAU or CES staff and faculty:

08/23/2018 Sea-level rise: How South Florida can cope with its 'wicked problem' | Opinion
Tom O'Hara interviews CES' Colin Polsky for "The Invading Sea," a series of editorials, columns and reports to raise awareness about sea-level rise.
08/27/2018 As king tide season arrives, more South Florida cities brace for sea-level rise
CES' Colin Polsky praises local government response to sea level rise.
06/13/2018 To protect where we live, we need to love where we live | Opinion
In this Opinion piece, Colin Polsky, Director of CES, describes the four things that we can do here in Florida to become more resilient.
05/18/2018 GOP congressman posits theory about sea level rise
GOP congressman posits theory that it's rocks and soil, not ice melt causing sea level rise. CES' Colin Polsky said that, "the burden of proof is on the Congressman to persuade us that his idea is superior to the explanation already provided and scientifically vetted by NASA and NOAA."
01/08/2018 Losses from 2017 weather disasters hit record $306B; death toll at 362
Colin Polsky, director of CES, said the annual temperature reports shouldn't be disregarded, especially by Floridians. "More warmth means more ice melting, which means higher ocean levels," Polsky said. "That's a problem for a very low-lying and flat state."
01/09/2018 Elevate the climate change discourse without blaming and shaming | Opinion
Dr. Colin Polsky, CES, suggests that we can break the logjam on climate change discourse by understanding three important science concepts.
10/12/2017 Climate change skeptics rely on straw-man arguments | Guest column
Dr. Colin Polsky, CES, and Dr. Ben Kirtman, RSMAS, advance the dialogue by respectfully challenging some common misleading arguments made by climate skeptics in this Guest Column.
10/17/2016 Congressman tours flooded roads, says something needs to be done
Joining the congressman were residents, local business leaders and climate change experts from Florida Atlantic University. King tide raises water levels in South Florida. "We've got evidence that is persuasive," FAU professor of geosciences Dr. Colin Polsky told Local 10 News.
04/29/2016 Rising Sea Levels Could Threaten Summit On Rising Sea Levels
"South Florida is one of the world's most vulnerable areas to climate change, especially sea-level rise," said Colin Polsky, Ph.D., director of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies at FAU. "In Florida, potential adaptation to sea-level rise is complicated by the porous limestone geology of the region, permitting salt water intrusion into important aquifers. The low level terrain in many areas makes even a relatively small sea-level rise problematic."
05/09/2016 S. Florida Republicans lead their party from climate change denial
"It's a big problem," said Colin Polsky, who organized the Fort Lauderdale conference as head of FAU's environmental studies center. "It puts us in another category of risk compared to New Orleans or the Netherlands or London or New York. They have their sea-level-rise challenges, but here we have porous limestone that is permitting the water to come in from below as well as over the top, so it's a double whammy."

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11/15/2016 Supermoon-spiked king tide offers sneak preview of sea-level rise along East Coast
11/18/2016 Intensified by Climate Change, 'King Tides' Change Ways of Life in Florida
10/17/2016 Flooding looms in South Florida as tides rise and surpass predictions
10/17/2016 King Tides Are Leaving South Floridians Feeling All Wet
10/17/2016 Congressman Wades Through King Tide In Fort Lauderdale

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