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3rd Sea-Level Rise Summit: Connected Futures from Alaska to Florida

Melting ice and warming oceans are transforming coastlines, societies, and natural resources around the world. To meet this unprecedented challenge and to help produce an adaptation strategy, the Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University convened its third Sea-Level Rise Summit in Fort Lauderdale on May 3-5, 2016.

Our theme, Connected Futures from Alaska to Florida, recognized that our task demands unconventional thinking. The sub-tropics and the Arctic are rarely discussed together. But comparing their shared experiences unlocked new insights valuable to stakeholders in both regions.

Program Highlights:

  • Interactive sessions identifying sea-level rise challenges and opportunities in the following areas:
►Infrastructure ►Society & Economy
►Public Health ►Responses & Indicators

  • Compilation of best practice sea-level rise adaptation strategies
  • Examination of sea-level rise science projections for the region
  • Exhibit and Poster presentations
  • Networking opportunities

Who attended?

  • Private sector sustainability & climate change professionals
  • Public policy decision-makers and implementation managers
  • Researchers informing public policy and private adaptation efforts

Steering Committee:

  • Dr. Larry Atkinson, Old Dominion University
  • Dr. Len Berry, Florida Atlantic University
  • Dr. Robin Bronen, Alaska Institute for Justice
  • Ms. Kate Cell, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Ms. Christina DeConcini, World Resources Institute
  • Dr. R. Max Holmes, Woods Hole Research Center
  • Mr. Jim Murley, Miami-Dade County
  • Mr. Rafe Pomerance, Arctic 21
  • Dr. Colin Polsky, Florida Atlantic University

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