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USGS-FAU Precipitation Downscaling Technical Meeting

A USGS & CES Sponsored Meeting  
June 22 & 23, 2015 
Florida Atlantic University Davie Campus




How precipitation downscaling might be used to improve Everglades science and restoration.


We know climate is changing and that Florida hydrology will be affected. Consequently, many important ecosystem processes will also be modified. The most important unknowns in this equation are the timing, amount, and intensity of future rainfall patterns. The spatial resolution of global climate models is too coarse for characterizing future climates for a landmass as small as Florida. Therefore ‘downscaling’ techniques are needed to translate the coarse-scale projections to spatial extents of interest to Florida environmental scientists and managers.


This was an informal but in-depth meeting. Attendees left with advanced knowledge of the state-of-the-science for, and potential ecological modeling and monitoring applications of, precipitation downscaling. Attendees also met new potential scientific and management colleagues with whom new collaborations might be launched. Dr. Michael E. Mann, a leading climate modeler (Penn State U.) attended to share some of his insights on the matter. Conversations were high-level and inter-disciplinary.

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For more information contact:

MaryBeth Hartman Kerber, Conference & Outreach Coordinator 
Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University 
mhartman@fau.edu  or (954) 236-1203 

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