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Past Conferences

For many years, CES was commissioned to develop conference programs addressing environmental concerns and issues that were synergistic with the Center's mission. Below is a list of some of our previous conferences with links to the websites, conference proceedings, reports and presentations. If you would like more information on our climate change-focused workshops, please go to our main conferences page.

Past Conference Websites:

Effects of Gulf Stream Variations on Sea Levels along the Eastern Coast 

May 9, 2017 •  West Palm Beach, Florida

CES organized this one-day workshop at the South Florida Water Management District in West Palm Beach, Florida. In a series of 20-minute presentations followed by discussion, researchers shared information on the current state of knowledge on sea levels on the US Eastern Coast and identified the main factors influencing this - particularly the role of oceanic circulation and the implications for future projections of sea level rise.

Resilient Redesign II Workshop 

July 19-22, 2015  •  Davie, Florida

Resilient Redesign was held on July 19-22, 2015. The Compact partnered this year with the Florida Climate Institute, with the specific engagement of Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University and the University of Miami. The experts and stakeholders developed potential design solutions to the evolving urban challenges of climate change and natural hazards.

Water Utilities and Climate Change Workshop 

June 2011  •  West Palm Beach, Florida

CES  held  this workshop  in West Palm Beach, FL  to focus on the current status of climate change adaptations by water utilities in Southeast Florida. Funded by the Water Research Foundation ,  through a grant with Columbia University, the one-day workshop cover ed  current work in the region; climate science and scenarios for Florida;  and,  adaptation assessment, planning and economics. CES assisted in planning the agenda, coordinating speakers, managing invitations and registration, on site-logistics, support and contributed to the writing the final project. 

Responsible Stewardship For a Sustainable FutureRSFSF Banner

November 3-5, 2010, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

This Conference brought together researchers, developers, federal and state agencies, industry and scientists to explore cutting-edge science and technology to identify gaps in the current state of knowledge regarding the environmental impacts of renewable ocean energy. The effects on the marine environment of large-scale hydrokinetic and thermal power generation are largely unknown. Marine ecosystems include many protected species which rely on complex food chains and undertake extensive migration patterns. Understanding how the operations of power generation systems will interact with these marine ecosystems will be a critical first step toward deploying equipment in a sustainable fashion.

Conference Homepage  ♦   Conference Presentations

Public Land Acquisition & Management Partnership ConferencePlam Banner

Held annually, this statewide conference addresses land acquisition and management issues in Florida. PLAM is hosted on a rotating basis by the five Water Management Districts and the Department of Environmental Protection. CES has coordinated these conferences since 2000.

PLAM 2019 Agenda & Presentations      Conference Page   

PLAM 2018 Agenda & Presentations      Conference Page  (ARCHIVED)   

PLAM 2008 Agenda & Presentations      Conference Page  (ARCHIVED)   

PLAM 2007 Agenda & Presentations      Conference Page  (ARCHIVED)    

PLAM 2006 Select Presentations  ♦   Conference Page  (ARCHIVED)   ♦  Agenda   (ARCHIVED)    

PLAM 2005 Conference Page  (ARCHIVED)    ♦  Agenda  (ARCHIVED)   

PLAM 2004 Conference Page  (ARCHIVED)    ♦  Agenda  (ARCHIVED)    

Sustaining Florida's Wildlife Heritage Amid 21st Century Challenges Owls Banner

May , 2008 - Cocoa Beach, Florida

The 24th annual conference of the Organization of Wildlife Lands and Realty Specialists (OWLS) provided attendees with an understanding of the challenges confronting Florida's wildlife heritage and showcase what Florida is doing to sustain and conserve habitat in the coming decades. 

OWLS08 Homepage   ♦   Agenda & Presentations

Applied Management of Conservation Lands in FloridaAMCLFlorida

June 20 – 22, 2007 - Orlando, Florida

This conference provided a forum for the exchange of new ideas, approaches, methods, and pertinent data on applied management of lands held in public trust for conservation and protection. This event was hosted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission along with other resource agencies and organizations.

AMCLIF Conference Page    ♦     Download Program     ♦      Agenda & Presentations

Florida Dry Prairie Conference

October 5-7, 2004 - Sebring, Florida

The conference highlighted Air Force-sponsored research that resulted in numerous ecological and botanical studies on dry prairie.

FDPC Conference Page    ♦     Proceedings     ♦      Program


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