The Florida Climate Institute (FCI)

Florida Atlantic University is a member of The Florida Climate Institute (FCI), along with the University of Florida (UF), Florida State University (FSU) and five other Florida universities, public organizations and individuals, forming a strong coalition tasked with better understanding climate variability and change.

The organization promotes cooperation with the private sector and regional collaboratives, such as the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, to help develop a climate-ready workforce and provide information about the climate-related risks that are unique to our state. The institute brings together outstanding scientists from multiple universities to conduct research needed by Floridians on climate change and sea-level rise, and provides education on economic and environmental opportunities and risks.

“Interest in climate change and sea level rise has grown considerably in the past decade. Floridians need reliable scientific information about potential changes so that they can make decisions and policies that are economically beneficial and environmentally sound. This is particularly important given the wide range of opinions and, often conflicting, interpretations of available evidence that are presented to the public,” said Dr. Leonard Berry, Executive Board Member of FCI and expert in the field of climate change.

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 Last Modified 4/3/23