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Support the Arboretum

While most people value nature, few of us take the time to enjoy and connect with our natural environment. The Robert J. Huckshorn Arboretum provides our community with a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy that connection.  The Arboretum highlights our Florida   ecosystems, and   features native   trees and   shrubs.  Pathways wind their   way through this natural landscape, and benches scattered throughout allow visitors a chance to slow down and take pleasure in a moment of solitude. The Arboretum is also a retreat from the traditional classroom setting, adding depth to our students' learning experience.  This oasis would not be possible without the support of our community members.  And you can help us grow too!

Arboretum Giving Donate online following these easy steps: 

  1. Navigate to the link: https://fauf.fau.edu/arboretum/
  2. Click on the amount you wish to donate or select ‘OTHER’ and enter your preferred amount
  3. The ‘Designation’ will state ’Robert J. Huckshorn Arboretum’
  4. Fill out your personal credit card information
  5. Submit by clicking the ‘Donate’ button

Write a check made payable to: 
FAU Foundation, Inc. and  write "Robert J. Huckshorn Arboretum" on the memo line.

Mail to:
Florida Atlantic University
FAU Foundation, Inc.
Jessica Hibberd
5353 Parkside Drive, MC-02 Room 225B
Jupiter, FL 33458

For more information, contact Jessica Hibberd, Development Coordinator - 561-297-8783 or jlewis92@fau.edu

 Last Modified 4/3/23