Improving the EDRR Decision Framework for the Greater Everglades

A USGS & CES Sponsored Meeting 
October 20th & 21st, 2015

Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton Campus



How can we effectively enhance the Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) decision framework for nonindigenous species in the Greater Everglades?


This technical meeting identified improvements to the EDRR framework for nonindigenous species in the South Florida Ecosystem including the Everglades by examining proven EDRR screening tools and case studies within and outside the South Florida Ecosystem. A panel of speakers provided background and expertise through presentations and discussion of case studies and ongoing efforts. We sought input from participants toward the development of a rapid screening tool for EDRR efforts in the South Florida Ecosystem. Discussion of adaptive management processes, proven strategies for initial actions, use of best scientific knowledge, and recommendations for improvement of our networked-coordination response were welcomed. This meeting provided an opportunity for scientists and managers to jointly consider how we can plan and work together to improve our EDRR framework for the Greater Everglades.

Steering Committee:

  • John Baldwin, Professor, Florida Atlantic University
  • Nick Aumen, Regional Science Advisor - South Florida, USGS
  • Shannon Estenoz, Director, Everglades Restoration Initiatives, DOI
  • Carrie Beeler, Everglades Restoration Initiatives, DOI
  • Kristen Sommers, Section Leader Wildlife Impact Management, FWC
  • Frank Mazzotti, Professor, University of Florida
  • Colin Polsky, Director, Center for Environmental Studies, FAU
  • Christina Romagosa, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UF

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