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Climate Change Educational Resources

Citizens of Florida are not only concerned about climate change's impact on future generations but they are interested in teaching about the consequences of climate change in school. CES partnered with FAU’s College of Education to develop dozens of classroom-ready materials for educators.

Should We Stay or Should We Go Case Study

Flooding in South FloridaThe goal of this case study is to teach students how to identify specific risk factors to the general population and to suggest ways in which the community can act to reduce impacts and provide for mitigation, adaptation and resilience to the resulting impacts of sea-level rise.

This case study and activity was done as part of the Teaching Socio-Environmental (S-E) Synthesis with Case Studies short course in Annapolis Maryland. View this case study by visiting: www.ces.fau.edu/education/resources/stay-or-go.php



Climate Science Investigations

Earth Climate Science Investigations (CSI): South Florida is an online, interactive series of modules and teaching resources. The objective of CSI is to develop and pilot modules that enable secondary and undergraduate students to analyze and use NASA data to address the public’s questions and commonly held misconceptions about climate change. 

View the CSI educational modules by visiting: www.ces.fau.edu/nasa

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