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USGS-FAU Collaborative Research Meet & Greet


A USGS & CES Sponsored Meeting 
February 6, 2015

Florida Atlantic University Davie Campus




Dr. Colin Polsky

Colin Polsky, Director, Florida Center for Environmental Studies; Professor, Geosciences, FAU,  cpolsky@fau.edu , website

Research Interests: Human dimensions of global environmental change; presentation

Nick Aumen

Nick Aumen, Regional Science Advisor, SE Region, USGS, naumen@usgs.gov website

Research Interests: Nutrient biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, wetland restoration, linking sciences and policy;  presentation

John Baldwin

John "Jay" Baldwin, Professor, Biological Sciences; Assoc. Director, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, FAU,  jbaldwin@fau.edu website

Research Interests:  Population and conservation genetics; Marine biology, ichthyology and fisheries; Wildlife avian ecology; Everglades restoration; presentation

Dale Gawlik

Dale Gawlik, Director, Environmental Science Program; Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU,  dgawlik@fau.edu website

Research InterestsAvian and wetland ecology, wetland ecosystem restoration; presentation


James Bareens

James Beerens, Ecologist, USGS,  jbeerens@usgs.gov website

Research Interests: Defining wildlife habitat – modeling habitat selection, occurrence, reproduction; Evaluating and assessing Everglades restoration; Developing conservation strategies for species sensitive to anthropogenically disturbed landscapes;  presentation

Mike Cherkiss

Mike Cherkiss  , Wildlife Biologist, USGS,   mcherkiss@usgs.gov  website

Research Interests: Population ecology and biology of endangered and invasive reptile species (American crocodile, alligator, pythons, tegus, etc); Everglades restoration;  presentation

Andre Daniels

André Daniels  , Fishery Biologist, USGS, Dive Safety Coordinator/South Florida Safety Officer; Motorboat Operator Certification Course Instructor (MOCC),  andre_daniels@usgs.gov  website

Research Interests: Estuary and marine environments, seagrass communities and coral reef communities;  presentation 

Don Deangelis

Don DeAngelis, Senior Scientist, USGS; Adjunct Professor, University of Miami,   don_deangelis@usgs.gov website

Research Interests: Development of individual-based population models; Theoretical and computational ecology; Ecosystem ecology;  presentation

Mark Dickman

Mark DickmanHydrologic Data Section Chief, USGS,   mdickman@usgs.gov  website

Research Interests:  Hydrologic monitoring and monitoring projects;  presentation

Kristen Hart

Kristen Hart  , Research Ecologist, USGS,  kristen_hart@usgs.gov  website

Research Interests:   Large reptile research and ecosystem restoration (sea turtles, diamondback terrapins, American crocodile, American alligator, Burmese pythons);  presentation   

Ken Krauss

Ken Krauss, Research Ecologist, National Wetlands Research Center, USGS; Adjunct Professor, LSU, UL-Lafayette, Clemson University,  kraussk@usgs.gov, website

Research Interests:Impacts of climate and land use change on coastal wetlands, ecology of tidal freshwater forested wetlands, and scaling ecophysiological processes associated with water use in wetlands;  presentation   

Ed Patino

Ed Patino, Hydrologist, USGS Caribbean-Florida Water Science Centerepatino@usgs.gov website

Research Interests:  Wetland and coastal ecosystems monitoring – flow and water quality; Use of sensor data as proxies for continuous monitoring of selected water quality parameters (i.e. carbon, mercury, suspended sediment – concentration & load)   presentation

Stephanie Romanach

Stephanie Romañach, Research Ecologist, USGS, sromanach@usgs.gov, website

Research Interests:  Large-scale issues in conservation; Ecosystem restoration and climate change   presentation

Dorothy Sifuentes

Dorothy Sifuentes, Supervisor Hydrologist, USGS, dsifuentes@usgs.gov, website

Research Interests: Groundwater flow and solute transport and coastal aquifers and saltwater intrusion;  presentation

David Sumner

David SumnerAssociate Director for Studies, USGS Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center,  dmsumner@usgs.gov website

Research Interests: Water and carbon cycling;  presentation

Eric Swain Eric Swain, Research Hydrologist, USGS,  edswain@usgs.gov website

Research Interests: Effects of sea-level rise on coastal hydrology and ecology; Modeling surface-water/groundwater interactions; Statistical analysis of hydrologic parameters and methodology for determining field parameters;  presentation   

Mark Zucker

Mark Zucker  , Supervisory Physical Scientist, USGS,  mzucker@usgs.gov , website

Research Interests: Coastal monitoring networksContinuous water quality monitoring; Everglades restoration (Florida Bay);  presentation   


Rindy Anderson

Rindy Anderson, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU, andersonr@fau.edu website 

Research Interests Behavioral ecology, cognition, avian biology, bioacoustics;  presentation

Brian Benscoter

Brian Benscoter, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU; Chair, Society of Wetland Scientists Peatland & Biogeochemistry Sections; Chair, Ecological Society of America 2016 Conference Local Host Committee,  bbenscot@fau.edu website

Research Interests: Peatland (wetland) ecology, fire ecology, community and ecosystem ecology;  presentation   

Frederick Bloetscher

Frederick Bloetscher, Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering, FAU, h2o_man@bellsouth.net website

Research Interests:  Water resources, infrastructure vulnerability and management;  presentation   

Xavier Comas

Xavier Comas, Associate Professor, Geosciences, FAU; Research affiliate, Carbonate Aquifer Charachterization Laboratory (CACL), USGS,  xcomas@fau.edu, website

Research Interests: Application of near-surface geophysical methods to: 1) peat soils, 2) karst environments, 3) critical zone studies, 4) other (archeological applications and biological studies);  presentation   

Donna Devlin

Donna Devlin, Assistant Research Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU; Affiliate Professor, St Thomas University,  ddevlin@fau.edu website

Research Interests: Mangrove and associated species population genetics; Climate change/ mangrove-marsh ecology and genetics; Community Genetics; Marine Ecology, Plant-animal and plant-plant interactions: predation/ competition/facilitation; Mangrove community  restoration; Invasive species ecology and genetics; Chinese mangrove ecology/ invasive species and genetics-Student Exchange Program presentation

Nathan Dorn

Nathan Dorn  , Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU,   ndorn1@fau.edu  , website

Research Interests: Freshwater ecology, Community ecology, Animal population limitation; Trophic Interactions; Determinants of community structure presentation

Nwadiuto Esiobu

Nwadiuto Esiobu  , Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU,  nesiobu@fau.edu  website 

Research Interests:  Applied and environmental microbiology; Plant-Microbe interactions; Ecology of pathogens and climate change; Beach quality; Sustainable development;  presentation   

Colin Hughes

Colin Hughes  , Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU,   chughe@fau.edu , website 

Research Interests: Evolutionary Genetics and its relationship to conservation,Role of disease in wild population demography; Origin and impact of invasive species presentation

Bill Louda

Bill Louda  , Research Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, FAU,  louda@fau.edu  website

Research Interests: Environmental biogeochemistry, water quality, global climate change, environmental restoration, and organic geochemistry (petroleum, coal);  presentation

Scott Markwith

Scott Markwith  , Associate Professor and Assistan Chair, Director, Doctoral Program, Geosciences, FAU,   smarkwit@fau.edu  website

Research Interests:    Ecological biogeography; Environmental restoration; Dispersal/migration processes; Exotic species invasion and mitigation, Biogeography, environmental restoration;   presentation

Daniel Meeroff

Daniel Meeroff  , Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering, FAU, Director, Laboratories for Engineered Environmental Solutions (Lab.EES),  dmeeroff@fau.edu  ,   website

Research Interests: Environmental engineering; Development of innovative treatment technologies that mimic natural systems; Aquatic water quality; Water use efficiency and pollution prevention strategies; Water/wastewater treatment process; Solid/Hazardous waste management  presentation   

Diana Mitsova

Diana Mitsova  , Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, FAU, Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Shoreline Resilience Working Group,   dmitsova@fau.edu  ,   website    

Research Interests: Sea-level rise, planning approaches to shoreline stabilization and coastal resilience;  presentation

Erik Noonburg

Erik Noonburg  , Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU,  enoonbur@fau.edu  website

Research Interests: Ecological modeling;  Population dynamics; Foraging behavior presentation

Tiffany Briggs

Tiffany Roberts Briggs,  Assistant Professor, Geosciences, FAU,   briggst@fau.edu  website

Research Interests: Coastal morphology, geology, and sedimentology;  presentation

Tara Root

Tara Root  , Associate Professor, Geosciences, FAU,   troot@fau.edu  website

Research Interests: Groundwater chemistry: water chemistry as a tracer of the movement of water through the hydrologic cycle; Water  resources sustainability: water use in science presentation

Xing-Hai Zhang

Xing-Hai Zhang, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, FAU, xhzhang@fau.edu website

Research Interests: Plant physiology  and biochemistry; Molecular biology and biotechnology; Molecular ecology for Everglades; Genetics of invasive plants;  presentation


Mary Beth Hartman

Mary Beth Hartman, Conference and Outreach Coordinator, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, FAU,   mhartman@fau.edu

Research Interests: Utilizing social science research to design effective climate change public education programs

Alana Edwards

Alana Edwards, Education & Training Coordinator, Florida Center for Environmental Studies; Ph. D. Candidate, Geosciences, FAU,   aedwards@fau.edu

Research Interests: Ecosystem Management for Imperiled Butterflies;  presentation   

Keren Bolter

Keren Bolter, Research Coordinator, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, FAU,   kbolter@fau.edu

Research Interests: Spatial analysis of physical, socioeconomic, and health  impacts of sea-level rise;  presentation   

Hannah Cooper

Hannah Cooper, Research Assistant, hcooper2013@fau.edu

Research Interests: GIS, Remote Sensing, and Statistical Modelling of Sea-Level Rise and Carbon Flux
Andrew Kamerosky

Andrew Kamerosky,  Research Assistant, CES, akamerosky2013@fau.edu

Research Interests :Ecological Resiliency, Ecological-Societal Systems, Climate Change Impact Management

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