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Metabolite Biosynthesis of Coral Reef Algae

This is one of 6 past projects focusing on climate change research that was funded in 2010 as part of FAU’s Research Priorities. For more information about this project, contact the research scientist.

Dr. Lyndon West, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tifanie Vansach, Ph.D. Student

Effects of Water Temperature and pH on the Metabolite Biosynthesis of Coral Reef Algae

Coral Reef Algae Research

Dr. Lyndon West and Ms. Tifanie Vansach heading out to do research.

Image Credit: Stacee Caplan

The proposed research will investigate secondary metabolite compound production in future oceans under higher temperatures and lower pH. In collaboration with Dr. Marguerite Koch’s study on the effects of increased CO2 and temperature on marine algae photosynthesis rates and calcium carbonate formation, the aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of temperature and pH on metabolite biosynthesis qualitatively and quantitatively for several coral reef algae. This study will provide insight into effects of climate change and ocean acidification on metabolite biosynthesis of marine algae.

The preliminary results of this research will be used to apply for future grant funding to both

  • funding agencies interested in the production on new biosynthetic compounds and
  • the stress response of reef algae.

Contact Dr. West - lwest@fau.edu

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