Implementing Florida's Land Conservation Programs in the Next Decade:
New Legislation, New Directions, New Challenges
Wednesday, December 3

9:00-12:00pmFlorida Greenways and Trails Council Meeting ST JOHNS ROOM - 3RD FLOOR

Workshop: Conservation Easement Permanence-the Link between Drafting, Stewardship and Enforcement

Description: This course is a stream-lined combination of two new Land Trust Alliance Standards & Practices Curriculum Courses; "Conservation Easement Drafting and Documentation" and "Conservation Easement Stewardship". This session will provide an overview of several subjects vital to perpetual conservation easement stewardship, such as the importance of drafting easement language, recordkeeping, baseline documentation reports, annual monitoring, landowner relationships, handling violations and amendments. The most important objectives will be discussed in order to assist participants in tackling "real life", on-point issues of concern within their conservation easement/land protection programs. Additionally, any organizations considering accreditation may find this session helpful since it seeks to cover a wide range of material essential to ensuring sound transactions.

Course Presenter: Laurel A. Florio
Optional workshop reference materials are available at a cost of $20. Busy Shires Byerly of Conservation Trust for Florida will collect $20 (check payable to Conservation Trust for Florida) or cash at the sign-in table.

Cash lunch provided 12:00-1:00pm
12:30-5:00pmField Trips - Buses depart Hyatt Regency, Newnan Street

6:00-7:30pmWelcome Reception Overlooking the St. Johns River (included)  RIVER DECK 1

Thursday, December 4

7:30-8:30amLight Breakfast with Exhibitors    BALLROOM FOYER
8:30-8:50amBALLROOMS 5 - 8
Deborah Poppell, Director, Division of State Lands, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Introduction, Agenda Overview and Official Welcome

Bob Ballard, Deputy Secretary, DEP

Photo Introduction (7.7M)
DEP Fun Facts (7.3M)
8:50-9:05amSue Mullins, Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF)  Legislative Update (3.3M)
9:05-9:55amRobert Costanza, Director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont (UV)(8.9M)

“Paying for Themselves: Proving the worth of conservation lands with ecosystem services values”
9:55-10:25amRefreshment Break with Exhibitors   BALLROOM FOYER
Concurrent Session

Valuing Ecosystem Services on Public Lands

  • Robert Costanza, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, UV (4.3M)
    (Solutions NewsLetter)
  • Tony Tooke, Forest Management, US Forest Service (1.4M)
  • Frank Casey, Conservation Economics, Defenders of Wildlife (3.2M)

Moderator: Sue Mullins, FWF

New legislation requires managing agencies to report on the ecosystem services that their lands provide. While ecosystem services have long been recognized, measuring them is another matter. The search is on for consistent ways to measure the ecosystem services provided by conservation lands, including water recharge, carbon sequestration, flood control and air and water quality contributions

This session will highlight services for which measurement methodology exists, discuss ideas on the horizon and provide examples of what agencies are already doing to meet the new reporting requirements.

Acquisition in the Current Economy

  • Jim Levitt, Program on Conservation Innovation at the Harvard Forest, Harvard University (2.1M)
  • Sean Snaith, Economic Development Council, University of Central Florida (389K)
  • Andrew Hupp, Hupp Realty (533K)

Moderator: Eric Sutton, Land Resources, Southwest Florida Water Management District

Appraisals and other acquisition challenges; how to structure acquisitions when collaborating with industry?

The current state of the real estate market has not only greatly impacted Florida's economy, but it has placed land acquisition professionals in a unique situation. Clearly the residential market has experienced a dramatic change and drives public perception on all market conditions. Although the residential and larger land markets are linked, their relationship is not necessarily a linear relationship. This session will invite seasoned appraisers and real estate investors to explore these relationships and dynamics.

12:00-1:30pmLunch (included)  BALLROOM 4
Concurrent Session

Accountability in Land Management

  • Dave Alden, Habitat and Species Conservation, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (3.8M)
  • David Foote, , Vegetation and Land Management, South Florida Water Management District (50M)
  • Boyd Blihovde, Lake Woodruff Refuge, US Fish and Wildlife Service (1.5M)
  • Walt Thomson, Terrestrial Conservation, The Nature Conservancy (FL) (1.4M)

Moderator: Jim Muller, Muller and Associates, Inc. (1.7M)

The new Florida Forever legislation places renewed emphasis on accountability in land management, adds new reporting requirements and asks for increases in monitoring for management success. How can we best measure management accomplishments? How can managers set goals and objectives that are realistic, achievable, yet proactive? Panelists in this session will discuss ways of answering these questions and how to potentially tell a more understandable story of our land management successes.


Approaching 2010: Shaping the Message for a New Decade of Conservation and

  • Stuart Lowrie, Conservation Finance and Policy, The Nature Conservancy (NY) (597K)
  • Greg Ira, Environmental Education, DEP (3.7M)
  • Michael Shirley, Guana Tolomato Matanzas Nat’l Estuarine Research Reserve (3.0M)

Moderator: Marianne Gengenbach, Division of State Lands, DEP

Did you know that 80% of Florida residents suggested natural, cultural and historic sights to friends and family visiting from out of state last year?

Though a number like this might imply strong public interest in Florida’s conservation and recreation lands, it is imperative that such support not be taken for granted. Developing stronger bases of support is more critical than
ever, particularly as we move into the next decade of land conservation.

This session will explore strategies to shape public opinion and more effectively connect the public to Florida’s conservation and recreation lands through marketing, outreach, and education.
3:00-3:30pmRefreshment Break with Exhibitors  BALLROOM FOYER
Concurrent Session

Conserving Forest Ecosystems:
New Questions & Directions

  • Shibu Jose, Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida (UF) (7.7M)
  • Taylor Stein, Forest Resources and Conservation, UF (1.4M)
  • Holly Ober, North Florida Research and Education Center, UF (785K)
  • Mike Bullock, Division of Recreation and Parks, DEP
  • Pete Colverson, Pandion Systems, Inc.
Moderator: Bill Cleckley, Northwest Florida Water Management District

According to the latest forest survey, Florida has almost 16 million acres of forest land, over 4 million of which are in public ownership. To be effective, land managers need to understand the many aspects of this widespread yet varied resource. This session will summarize research currently underway to help managers develop scientifically derived management strategies. Presentations will address the silvicultural, wildlife, and social aspects of conserved forests and will also showcase a new cooperative venture to direct this research and disseminate its results.


Local Governments and the "New" Florida Forever Program: A Roundtable Discussion

An interactive forum for local governments and state agencies to discuss relevant land acquisition and management challenges facing counties and municipalities in the next decade.

Share new ideas as well as draw upon the expertise and “hands on” experience of local governments and interested state agency personnel. Issues of particular interest or relevance to local governments from a statewide survey will be discussed in this session.

Breakout groups will develop best approaches to these challenges and offer concrete suggestions or work plans to address them. A representative from each breakout group will then provide key points and outcomes with the entire group.

Facilitators: Roger Clark, Lee County &
Grant Gelhardt, Florida Communities Trust

5:00-6:00pmBALLROOMS 6 - 8

LandScope Florida: Supporting Local Conservation with LandScope America
Facilitators: Gary Knight, FNAI and Kyle Copas, LandScope America (54M)

Planned for release in early 2009, LandScope America will bring together maps, data, photos, and stories about the land and present them in dynamic formats wtih an online map viewer. The LandScope Florida subsite, developed with Florida Natural Areas Inventory, will feature content on Florida's plants, animals, and ecosystems, as well as conservation partners, priorities and planning tools.
6:30-9:00pmDinner and Music by The Weeds -  Overlooking the St. Johns River (included)   RIVER DECK 1
9:30pmSilent Auction Announcements - DAYTONA ROOM, 3rd Floor

Friday, December 5

7:30-8:30amLight Breakfast with Exhibitors
Concurrent Session

Going Green

  • Roger Clark, Land Stewardship, Lee County (8.4M)
  • Chuck Collins, Regional Director, FWC (659K)
  • Brian Cook, Regional Environmental Program and Green Energy, National Park Service (575K)
Andy McLeod, Government Affairs, The Nature Conservancy

As public lands programs become involved in climate change issues, new challenges will emerge such as how best to "go green" and conserve energy in land management decisions. This session will explore some of the ways in which governmental agencies and private land managers are tackling the challenge of going green, both in day to day operations and in long-term land management strategies.

Preserving the Best of the Best: Acquisition Planning Tools Update

  • Kyle Copas, NatureServe "LandScope America: The Conservation Guide to America's Natural Places" (20M)
  • Tom Hoctor, GeoPlan Center, UF & Jon Oetting, Florida Natural Areas Inventory "Critical Lands/Waters Identification Project (CLIP)" (7.8M)
  • Thomas Eason, Conservation Initiatives, FWC "Cooperative Conservation Blueprint (CCB)" (4.7M)

Moderator: Richard Hilsenbeck, The Nature Conservancy (FL) (3.2M)

As we face fluctuations in real estate markets and the economy as well as increasing development pressures, the next decade will bring new challenges for decision makers as they choose which lands to preserve and protect. Those choices will not only require up-to date information regarding natural resource and ecosystem service values, but also increased partnerships between governments, businesses and the public in making wise decisions. This session will provide updates on new tools becoming available to provide a sound basis and guidance for all those involved in deciding which lands should be acquired and protected for conservation purposes.
9:45-10:15amRefreshment Break with Exhibitors  BALLROOM FOYER
10:15-10:40amBALLROOMS 5 -8

Ken Haddad, Executive Director, Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (2.1M)

Florida’s Wildlife: On the Frontline of Climate Change “Guidelines for FWC’s Climate Change Strategy Document”
10:40-11:30amJim Fowler, Zoologist and four time Emmy award winner for Wild Kingdom

"Conservation & Open Spaces in the Natural World: New Messages for the 21st Century"

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