Alapaha River Photograph by
© 2000 Jeff Ripple


Department of Environmental Protection
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American Government Services Corporation
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Saunders Real Estate LLC
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The Nature Conservancy
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WilsonMiller, Inc
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Pomcor Realty, Inc.
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Florida Communities Trust
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Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation
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St. Joe Land Company
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Aerostar Environmental Services, Inc
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  Dahill International Realty
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England, Thims & Miller, Inc
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Florida Acquisition & Appraisal, Inc
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GCY, Inc
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Keith and Schnars, P.A.
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Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc.
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Pickett & Associates, Inc.
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Pope Environmental, Inc.
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  Tallahassee Title Group
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Water & Air Research, Inc.
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  Candler Appraisal Services, Inc
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F&W Forestry Services, Inc
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  George Goodman Consulting
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Integra Realty Resources
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The Conservation Fund
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  The Forestry Company
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Volkert Environmental, Inc.
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Other contributor: Carlton Appraisal Company
Florida Bureau of Archeological Research
Florida State University
U.S. Forest Service

Florida Center for Environmental Studies
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