History of the Robert J. Huckshorn Arboretum

Why an Arboretum?

Dr. Robert J. Huckshorn, after playing a variety of key roles at Florida Atlantic University, Huckshorncurrently serves as Vice President Emeritus of Florida Atlantic University.  When Dr. Huckshorn retired, the University set aside a part of the campus to be dedicated as an Arboretum in honor of his many years of service, especially his last eleven years when he presided over the development of the John D. MacArthur Campus.


“I have always found that an arboretum provides a calm and tranquil place for students, faculty, staff and townspeople to visit and to momentarily escape from the bustle of everyday life.  The arboretum will become a part of the unique Greenway that is a central part of the Abacoa concept.  As such, it will serve as a teaching and research resource, expanding the educational mission of the MacArthur Campus.  And that will make a lasting contribution to the campus and to the community.” 

- Dr. Robert J. Huckshorn 

 Last Modified 11/8/16