Avon Park Air Force Range lies within a 750 square-mile area known as the Kissimmee River Valley Dry Prairie region. Despite its vast historical extent and its rich flora and fauna, dry prairie remains one of the most poorly known and least studied ecosystems in Florida.

The conference will highlight Air Force-sponsored research that has resulted in numerous ecological and botanical studies on dry prairie.

October 5th - 6th, 2004
Plenary Presentations   General Sessions
  • Overview of prairie landscape
  • Historical accounts
  • History of grazing
  • Prairie hydrology
  • Fire ecology
  • Faunal components
  • Conservation and protection
  • Animal species biology
  • Landscape ecology
  • Flora and vegetation
  • Management and restoration

We will tour dry prairies at Avon Park Air Force Range on Thursday, October 7th.


Florida Prairie - Photo by Gary Reese

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