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Energy from the Ocean Currents: the New Renewable

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TheEnergy from Ocean Currents: The New Renewable is an exciting new curriculum for high school students focusing on ocean energy technology. The curriculum was created in partnership with FAU’s Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC) and the Center for Environmental Studies (CES).

There are 6 detailed lessons in the curriculum. These are:

The beginning of each lesson has the vocabulary for that lesson as well as a teacher background so that the teacher can confidently teach the lesson. After the background sections, we’ve used a variation of the 5 E’s model for the curriculum’s teacher sequence. These sections are:

  • Engaging the learner – these activities will get the students excited about the topic.
  • Exploring the concept – these activities are an exploration intended to get the students to learn the concepts by doing them.
  • Explaining the concept – in each lesson, the explaining the concept section is a PowerPoint based on the teacher background that you read at the beginning.
  • Elaborating on the concept – once the student has explored on their own and then had the concepts explained, they complete another activity and meet a professional to learn about their environmental career.
  • Evaluating the learner – students now have an understanding of the purpose of the lesson and should be able to answer some questions summarizing the lesson.

A glossary in the back of the manual has a list of the definitions given within each lesson.

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