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Student Research Opportunities

CES hosted FAU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) LEARN Program

OURI students studentsOn April 12, 2016, CES’ scientists hosted FAU undergraduate students through the OURI’s LEARN Program (Learning Environment and Academic Research Network). LEARN is a brand new program that is providing students a network to learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) research opportunities and resources. (http://learn.fau.edu/about/index.php). Jodiene Johnson, LEARN Program Coordinator, recruited 14 undergraduate students that were interested in learning about field research opportunities at DuPuis.

Students prepared for the research day by completing pre-visit readings and questions. Once at DuPuis, they received scientific research presentations, as well as participated in an ongoing research project. They learned about the endangered Red cockaded woodpecker (RCW) research being conducted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and explored the RCW clusters in the pine flatwoods.

Students participated in the South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD) Legacy research project by documenting invasive plant species and changes in the saw palmetto communities.  Students documented plant height and percent coverage, and learned how to use transect and quadrat field equipment. The students enjoyed their field research experience and some have already contacted us about future opportunities at DuPuis. We would like to host the LEARN students again next year!!   

CES' team acts as field advisors for students interested in conducting research at DuPuis. We work with the FAU faculty, SFWMD and FWC scientists to provide oversight of student research such as:

  • Undergraduate Directed Independent Study (DIS)
  • Graduate research or thesis
  • Academic Service Learning
  • Environmental courses – class projects

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