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Legacy – Student Service Learning Program

This is the 6th year that we have coordinated the Legacy Program as a Student Service-Learning, dual-enrollment course with Clark Advanced Learning Center High School (Clark) and Indian River State College (IRSC) in Stuart. We work with IRSC’s Biologist, Dr. Kyle Bartow, who is Legacy’s lead instructor. The Program teaches students the importance of volunteer service by engaging them in a real-world research project in the Pine flatwoods at DuPuis.

Final Presentation In the Field
Legacy Students Final Presentation Legacy Students in the field


Students learn how to use transects and quadrats to set up sample sites, and collect plant data. They document invasive plant species and changes in the saw palmetto communities by measuring plant height and percent coverage. Our role in the Legacy Program includes:

  • teaching 4 pre-visit lessons at Clark to prepare students for field work;
  • leading 4 field lessons at DuPuis to collect data on plant communities; and
  • coordinating the students’ final research report and presentation at Clark.

The Legacy Program has many benefits for students. It increases their field, scientific and environmental knowledge, data analysis, report writing and presentation skills. They learn the importance of conservation and protection of Florida’s natural lands. Immersing students in DuPuis’ natural wonders, will hopefully, increase their environmental awareness, as well as help develop a long lasting commitment to environmental ethics and stewardship of our natural lands.

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